Mary Makdesi (Principal)

Black and White Portrait Of Female Lawyer

Mary Makdesi is the firm principal, and she is surrounded by a team of professionals with years of experience between them. 

Mary was admitted to Practice in 2009 and has primarily worked in private practice.  Mary is an experienced litigator with a strong focus on estate planning and probate matters, commercial contracts and leasing, criminal matters, and family law.

Broad experience in a variety of areas makes Mary the “go-to” person for all legal matters.  Mary has a wide network of professionals outside the practice that she is able to draw upon for specific expertise when needed, enabling her to find the right path and get the job done with minimal fuss.

The practice has a strong conveyancing component with a team solely dedicated to property matters, under Mary’s guidance.

Mary understands the importance of giving clients her full attention, and keeping them informed, she is quick to evaluate matters giving clients their options and making sure that the cost of dealing with matters is balanced against likely success.

As the principal of the firm Mary makes herself available for personalised service, and she is flexible with her time in terms of when, where and how she communicates with clients.

While she is able to confront difficult legal matters on behalf of her clients she is also sympathetic to clients with special needs knowing that sometimes she needs to be more than just a lawyer.

Makdesi And Associates Lawyers 

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